All hail poster boy Jason Munn

The atmospheric, beautiful and clean designs and illustrations of Jason Munn have grabbed our collective attention and given it a welcome shake. Working in Oaklands, in America, Mr Munn focuses on poster, design… Continue reading

Traditional print perfection at the Hot Bed Press

  In our adventures to find wonderful design stuff that could make a hoody very happy we stumbled across a magical place of inky brilliance called the Hot Bed Press. It’s a not-for-profit,… Continue reading

The illusive Christmas hoody

While clothing retailers are bursting at the seams with a huge choice of ironically cool Christmas jumpers, there are slim pickings on the Christmas hoody front. You might be in luck if you’re… Continue reading

Fuzzy felt and the hoody – a marriage made in heaven!

Core blimey, the champions of creativity over at It’s Nice That have found a loveable collage of brilliance in the fuzzy shape of Jacopo Rosati. The Venice-based illustrator has made it his mission… Continue reading

One word: Superdry

Earlier this year Superdry got a mauling from the fashion elite and the stock market. After its meteoric rise on the backs of David Beckham, Kate Winslet and other famous dudes, the young… Continue reading

Hoody design should be child’s play

Two or three carefully chosen colours at most with bold illustrations that require just one visual take; the best hoody designs are simple. This is why we love the 1950s children’s books produced… Continue reading

The happy sign of nostalgia

We love a bit of nostalgia here at Hoodywink. May be it’s because we like to look back on the good times. Back when the hoody was just a lovable rogue and warm… Continue reading

Guilty preppy pleasure

It’s not easy to admit this. We feel a little flush of hot guilt run to our cheeks when we’re brave enough to say it out loud. Here goes… “We may be, nearly,… Continue reading

Billboard inspiration

Luckily for us Robert Landau spent the 1970s and 1980s photographing the biggest LA music billboards on Sunset Strip. Now he has only gone and put the photographs in to a book in… Continue reading