The full body print… Too much for a hoody?

We can’t decide about the full body print for the hoody. It’s not that we don’t like them, it’s just that they’re a little showy and remind us of late night shopping channels.… Continue reading

The goggle hoody driven by Italian Design

The Goggle Hoody may look like a rioter’s dream during a tear gas attack but it actually comes from the brilliant Italian fashion designers and manufacturers, CP Company. The hoody is an urban… Continue reading

Arise Sir Chris Owens of the T-shirt

Hoodywink doesn’t half love a passionate crusader championing independent talent and Chris Owens is just such a knight. His blog, Creative Teas, is the holy land for T-shirt designers and connoisseurs. Owens is… Continue reading

Inspiring 1920s vintage travel labels

With Baz Luhrmann’s new version of The Great Gatsby due for release this month (May) everything that is 1920s is inevitably going to be ‘on-trend’. We’ll be bombarded with roaring twenties fashion, music,… Continue reading

Did you say, a hoody made for rock climbing!?

We’re fully aware of the perception that the hoody is only worn in three main circumstances: when ill (including hungover), when vegetating on the sofa and when committing a crime. Granted these are… Continue reading

The word according to Fashion-Font

Those über-cool creative hunters over at It’s Nice That have once again dug out a gem from the World’s chaotic, unpredictable, crazy and eclectic wardrobe of fashion. Fashion-Font was created by Paris based… Continue reading

XCVB is yet another independent gem

It has come to Hoodywink’s attention that there are some quite brilliant independent clothing companies carving out a niche with superb original designs. XCVB is one such enigmatic brand. It heralds from Sheffield… Continue reading

Converse in a fun way – not in shoes

The perfect complementary footwear to accompany the ubiquitous hoody is arguably the iconic sneaker. Timeless, irreverent, comfortable and – like the hoody – the more you wear them the better they look. So,… Continue reading

Raise a bottle to the hoody

You won’t find refreshing design inspiration for a hoody at the bottom of a beer bottle but you might find it on the side. The boom in boutique micro-breweries has also spawned an… Continue reading