Third time lucky with Boden

We were sent an email from Boden this week with the title ‘Hunker Down In Our Hoodies’, so we obviously had to immediately open it to have a butchers. We didn’t like what… Continue reading

Pencil To Pixel inspiration for the hoody

The hoody obviously owes a lot to the world of typography because most designers will put something in writing when printing and embroidering on our old friend. A maker of a cool hoody… Continue reading

No, that’s actually a cardigan with a hood

The hoody is a simple beast, which is why it’s so lovely. There are no optional extras. There are no crass additions, flashy extensions or self-indulgent appendages. It’s just a simple piece of… Continue reading

Neighborhood Studio, please put something on a hoody

Neighborhood Studio is the design shop of award winning designer and art director, Curtis Jinkins. He creates brands, illustrations and hand lettering for all sorts of people. He has already turned his considerable… Continue reading