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The selfie T-shirt

Despite the infinitely more important things that happened during 2014, the year will be forever known for the selfie. Love it, or hate it, there is a certain art to taking a good… Continue reading

Swinging longboards give us some hoody inspiration

By Stuart Hughes Surfing and hoodies go together like strawberries and cream, Ant and Dec, gin and tonic, apple and crumble, and rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong. It’s the reason… Continue reading

The hoody’s number is up

Numbers. You’ve got to love them. Even if you’re not a mind-bending mathematician with a blackboard covered in insane scribbles; numbers have hidden meanings, superstitions and an aesthetic beauty. There is nothing like… Continue reading

A fast boat to China for the hoody please

Years ago Superdry was founded on a similar avenue – mixing urban fashion with Japanese typography – and to be honest we were becoming a little tired of it… But then we stumbled… Continue reading

Just ask Wes about hoody colour trends

Struggling to know what colour hoody to pull on this spring and what complementary apparel to wear? It can be quite a dilemma if you haven’t got your finger on the pulse of… Continue reading

Forget the lookbook – Bodega does it with trading cards

Obviously fashion brands want their lookbooks to give them standout over the competition. It’s strange then that they all keep to the constraint of the lookbook format and end up – in the… Continue reading

Lose the brand at Red Bubble

By Ruth Greenall. We are suckers for a brand these days, seduced by manifestos and mottos that we hope will convey our status and success, our popularity, the cool people we hang out… Continue reading

Scrum down with a hoody

If you can get your head around the ‘willy-waving’ macho messages on these hoodies, there are some good heavy-weight and uber-soft favourites to be had. To be fair this fashion label doesn’t beat… Continue reading

A knight in shining hoody

By Ruth Greenall. Could the emergence of the ‘Medieval Knight Hoody’ restore the reputation of our controversial hero? It could go either way depending on the lifestyle of the wearer but we think… Continue reading