Everyone, except politicians, look good in a hoody.

It’s like an old friend that has always been there for you. The hoody is a dependable, versatile and timeless dude that you’ve known since primary school. You’ve played out together, grown up together and still share some good times.

The hoody - an old friend

You can throw a hoody on after training. It can hold in the tingle of the sun after a day on the beach. Stuff a hot water bottle under a hoody once a month and curl up on the couch with some chocolate. It complements a cold beer during a summer’s evening BBQ or stay cosy with a hoody under your coat when rolling through snow.

We love the hoody!

That’s why a group of us got a little upset about the bad press the hoody gets and wanted to do something to help. We thought the hoody needed somewhere to go to find its mojo and feel special again. So, we came up with hoodywink.

Hoodywink is a nice place dedicated to the wonderfulness of the hoody. It’s somewhere the hoody can hang out and meet people who appreciate its greatness. Hopefully we might even be able to offer some inspiration to the people who make hoodies and, hey, one day we may even make our own.