Hand-carved block printing at its most sublime

Derrick Castle

By Stuart Hughes.

There is something wholesome, honest and beautifully primitive about hand-carved block printing. It has an imperfect, homemade feel that gives it real credibility, artistry and originality.

And the process produces two works-of-art: the hand-carved block and the subsequent printed image on the poster, flier, t-shirt or hoody.

At its best, the traditional printing process is in the hands of someone like Derrick Castle. He is the brains and brawn behind Straw Castle, a design moniker for t-shirts, embroidered patches, skateboards, magazine illustration, block prints and general brilliance. More about Straw Castle (and its collaboration with Secret Artist Collective) at a later date…

In the meantime please take time to marvel over the superbly detailed hand-carved designs, meticulously worked from blocks of wood or linoleum.

Once these works-of-art are completed a thin layer of ink is rolled over the relief and the design is pressed onto paper or textile to create something wonderful.

There is plenty more of Castle’s creations to explore here… Enjoy!

Derrick Castle Derrick Castle Derrick Castle Derrick Castle Derrick Castle Derrick Castle Derrick Castle