Discover Brazil in a book

Sounds And Colours:Brazil

By Ruth Greenall.

If you are determined to fully embrace World Cup fever and all things Brazil for the next few weeks  Sounds and Colours have released its guide ‘Sounds And Colours: Brazil’ to help you get an authentic flavour of the country and its vibrant culture.

More than 200 pages of articles, illustrations and photographs give the low down on Brazil’s music and culture with contributions from academia, art and journalism. The book goes beyond perceived ideas about Brazil exploring the country’s creativity, diversity and rich cultural history.

You can find out what’s hot now in Brazil’s music, film, art and literature and the book comes with a 20 track compilation CD of new Brazilian music to bring something of Brazil to your own back garden on a (hopefully) sunny match day.

Sounds And Colours:Brazil

You can pick up a copy of the book and CD here…

And listen to a sample track here…