A fast boat to China for the hoody please


Years ago Superdry was founded on a similar avenue – mixing urban fashion with Japanese typography – and to be honest we were becoming a little tired of it…

But then we stumbled across the book ‘Chinese Art Typography Reprise’ over at DesignTaxi and it completely floated our boat again for the artistry of the Far East.

Lin Fan has edited and designed a breathtaking book of hand-drawn calligraphy and typography art from the 1950s to the 1960s. It’s a striking homage to a craftsmanship almost completely wiped out by the computer, which instantly makes it curious and hip.

The development of the Chinese characters throughout the two decades shows the brilliant creativity that went into turning a very traditional form of writing into a contemporary medium. The typography is visually astonishing, perplexing and completely alien to us – and earns its place on the front (or back) of any hoody.

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