Ciao, hoody!


An iconic design can exist anywhere and in any medium, whatever the nature of the original, whether it’s a building, logo, chair or scooter.

To prove the point Hoodywink spotted this funky piece of animation about the history of the Vespa, from the original 1946 model.

While watching those two-wheeled beauties morph through the different ages of design it was pointed out – to much nodding and positive mumbling – that the Vespa design could look good anywhere. On the road, in a piece of animation, on a poster or the front of a hoody.

The retro animation is by the French agency, Nomoon, and is craftily put together to document the Vespa’s development of scooter style. We love the title of the piece too: ‘Vespalogy’.

Vespalogy Vespalogy Vespalogy Vespalogy Vespalogy