That rock’n’roll, eh?

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By Ruth Greenall.

Front man of the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner walked the fine ‘looking cool/looking like a dickhead’ line when making his acceptance speech at the 2014 Brit awards last Wednesday (February 19). Those of us who care to comment are divided on where he fell, but the other more serious question for Hoodywink is whether or not the first five words of Alex Turner’s speech are worthy of the hoody.

‘That rock’n’roll, eh?’

His meandering speech began as his band mates shuffled about behind him looking by turns embarrassed, puzzled, amused, irritated? It’s hard to tell, but perhaps they were quite happy as long as someone else had stepped up to do all the talking.

It was a laconic performance of mixed metaphors and perhaps other things as well but anyone who can say, ‘I think the cyclical nature of the universe in which it exists demands it adheres to some of its rules’, when nervous and/or inebriated is clearly a talented linguist.

The overall message appeared to be that Rock’n’roll will never die, it will keep re-emerging as time rolls on, but the evolution of the band and Turner himself continues apace with an ever increasing range of musical styles and influences both old and new evident in their work.

Their critically acclaimed album AM picked up best album at the Brits along with the best group award, although the band made it clear that it’s the creative process itself which excites them, not the awards.

We at Hoodywink think that the now infamous, ‘That Rock’n’roll eh?’ speech is worthy of a hoody print. Alex knew what he meant even though we didn’t really, and maybe he didn’t either by the next morning (we’re almost certain he woke up with a headache). But stand by those words AT, as Madonna once said when criticised for rapping, ‘They are my words and I can say them’, and we’d put that on a hoody as well.

Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys - Brit Awards 2014 Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys - Brit Awards 2014 Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys - Brit Awards 2014 Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys - Brit Awards 2014