We ‘saw’ these and loved them

Vault49 - (Sub)prime CutsAny type of typography that is hand-painted completely floats our boat, but the brilliant colour work and busy designs on these painted saw-blades had us hoisting the main sail.

This cracking work is by New York-based design collaboration, Vault49. It was produced for the ‘Big Bailout’ as part of an artistic project called ‘(Sub)prime Cuts’, which is obviously a reference to the austerity measures and cuts sweeping Western economies.

The saws feature key words and phrases such as ‘austerity’ and ‘no pain, no gain’. We especially like the cheeky typography style and fun colours that are in direct contrast to the serious political and economic message. It’s all very inappropriate – but to be honest so are the austerity cuts.

Anyway, let’s not lose sight of the important point here: the artwork would work brilliantly on a hoody.

Vault49 - (Sub)prime Cuts Vault49 - (Sub)prime Cuts Vault49 - (Sub)prime Cuts Vault49 - (Sub)prime Cuts Vault49 - (Sub)prime Cuts