Please support your footy team with subtlety

Art of SportWearing the football kit of your favourite team is fine if you’re under 12-years-old, pulling a sicky or unemployed in Liverpool. But if you’re an adult donning the team strip, the chances are you just look like a weirdo who dresses in children’s clothes.

It’s also best not to get us started on the subject of hoodies drowned in bright team colours and embroidered with a Premiership club badge.

On the other hand, it’s important that you continue to show your loyalty to the team you grew-up standing in the rain for on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a tough balancing act but the Art of Sport seems to be on the ball with some cracking graphic design, which hoody and football lovers should most definitely emulate.

Founded by two designers who happen to be rival Arsenal and Liverpool fans, they have solved the football poster, banner and scarf pinned to the bedroom wall problem – and could easily do the same for football club apparel.

The clever duo (JP Stallard, co-founder of SOLV, and Rob Duncan, Creative Director of Mucho San Francisco and New York) have created limited edition posters that bring a contemporary aesthetic to supporting your favourite team thanks to subtle designs inspired by the club’s history, colours, names and legends.

The San Francisco-based designers use simple but clever visuals that give a subtle nod to the passionate fan you are. Their deliberate ambiguity also makes them even more appealing to a football fanatic because you need to know about the game to decipher their meaning. For example, the Chelsea FC poster and row of medals is a great play on the Chelsea pensioner or the two magpies (lucky according to superstition) in the Newcastle FC poster. Not even your girlfriend or wife could begrudge you framing and hanging one of these in the living room.Art of Sport Art of Sport Art of Sport Art of Sport Art of Sport Art of Sport Art of SportArt of Sport