Drug fuelled inspiration for hoodies

Graham MacIndoeWe’ll pretty much draw inspiration from anywhere for intriguing and original hoody designs. So, when we stumbled upon Graham MacIndoe’s photography project, ‘All In – Buying Into The Drug Trade’, we had no qualms about marvelling at the ‘down and dirty’ designs.

The Scottish artist photographed heroin baggies collected years ago during a period of addiction to the drug. He became fascinated by the creative typography and designs stamped on the glassine envelopes by dealers, and used to package the drugs.

Like any entrepreneur, Graham says the dealers branded and marketed their product. Often they used a contradictory mixture of the promise of ‘good times’ and gambling with your life. To their creative credit, there are some satisfyingly ambiguous and compelling tags that we’d like to see explored on hoody designs, such as So Amazing, True Romance, First Class, Nine Lives, Black Jack, Flat Liner and Undertaker.

Let’s not kid ourselves, a drug dealer inspired hoody is not exactly original (it’s probably their uniform of choice) but if we can ironically take something back from them in the form of design inspiration for the good of the hoody, then it’s a job well done.

Graham MacIndoe Graham MacIndoe Graham MacIndoe Graham MacIndoe Graham MacIndoe