Arise Sir Chris Owens of the T-shirt


Hoodywink doesn’t half love a passionate crusader championing independent talent and Chris Owens is just such a knight.

His blog, Creative Teas, is the holy land for T-shirt designers and connoisseurs. Owens is aiming to showcase ridiculously talented, independent designers from across the UK who take the humble farm-boy T-shirt and elevate it to the glory of the round table (sorry, we seem to be milking the life out of this knightly metaphor rubbish).

As you can see, his great quest (couldn’t resist) has uncovered some fabulous finds from the likes of Bears Don’t Roar, Boodle Boutique, Esah Clothing, Critically Acclaimed, Lost Shapes, Hollow Clothing and No Guts No Glory.

You would do well ride swiftly over to Creative Teas and see the spoils of his crusade for yourself.

Bears Don't Roar Critically Acclaimed Esah Clothing Boodle Boutique Lost Shapes Hollow Clothing