Did you say, a hoody made for rock climbing!?

Arcteryx Quiq HoodyWe’re fully aware of the perception that the hoody is only worn in three main circumstances: when ill (including hungover), when vegetating on the sofa and when committing a crime.

Granted these are sweeping generalisations but, thanks mostly to a lazy media, the stereotype has stuck.

To dispel these cruel assertions against the hoody, it is with a healthy heart that we can highlight Arcteryx and its Quiq Hoody, which is actually designed for (we quote) ‘bouldering, climbing and casual use’. We have no idea what ‘bouldering’ is but it sounds painful and like something you would do outdoors, so it must be good for you.

The Quiq Hoody is anatomical shaped (a trim fit) with a tall collar and relaxed hood. It’s made with a stretchy, comfortable and breathable cotton blend terry knit fabric that retains its shape and is motion friendly (as in exercise, not high fibre diet). It also has gusseted underarms, which we think are bingo wings for active people.

Anyway, for £90 it’s a cracking piece of mid-layer kit for scrabbling up mountains, it’s nicely tailored and has some lovely detailing, including bar tack reinforced seams and an understated embroidered logo.

Mostly importantly it’s two fingers up at the hoody stereotypes…

Arcteryx Quiq Hoody Arcteryx Quiq Hoody Arcteryx Quiq Hoody Arcteryx Quiq Hoody