Raise a bottle to the hoody

Oh Beautiful BeerYou won’t find refreshing design inspiration for a hoody at the bottom of a beer bottle but you might find it on the side. The boom in boutique micro-breweries has also spawned an artisan explosion in cracking beer label design.

Oh Beautiful BeerWill Coldwell’s blog for The Independent (Dish of the Day) has a great piece on ‘the art of beer labels’ and highlights an American graphic designer, Harvey Shepard, who is documenting the beer world’s tempting packaging over at ‘Oh Beautiful Beer’.

Shepard has rightly recognised the remarkable graphic design that you can find behind the bar. Not only are the designs wonderfully aesthetic and easy on the eye but really care has gone into representing the character and personality of the beer inside the bottle. It gives the labels real charm, depth and a genuine story.

Part of the ritual of drinking bottled beer is studying, playing and peeling off the label – and these gems makes a ‘swift one’ even more satisfying.

Oh Beautiful Beer Oh Beautiful Beer Oh Beautiful Beer Oh Beautiful Beer