Five Words: put it on a hoody

FIve WordsWe’re eating a bit of humble pie while writing this post about the happy website Five Words. Created by Skye Dwyer and Melissa Lee, Five Words is a typographical paradise of inspiring quotes brought to life to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

We’re eating the pie because it wasn’t long ago we highlighted Camila Carmody’s wicked typographic posters that ribbed her fellow designers for lazy typography quoting life changing ditties…

But in our defence, Five Words has such an easy charm, sincerity and fresh visual style it’s hard not to get swept up in the happiness. It helps that all the quotes are no longer than five words (thus the name Five Words), which means they’re simple, charming, unsentimental and sharply realised.

Dwyer and Lee have launched their own range of prints and we, obviously, think that they should screen print a range of hoods based on the tip-top typographical treasures they create.

Talking of inspiring, it was the crew over at Design Taxi who pointed out Five Words.

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