Toilet humour on a hoody? Yes please, Amelie Kam!

Amelie Kam created Arty FartyInspired by a friend’s comment, ‘Not everyone makes art. But everyone makes farts!’, young illustrator and graphic designer Amelie Kam created Arty Farty.

These are colourful clown characters illustrated with a inspired mix of Manga meets Sergeant Pepper meets Monkey – and all proudly suffer from flatulence. The designs came from a personal project for a local arts festival.

We love the traditional British sense of humour combined with the vibrant contemporary design. Despite the loud illustrations, the subject matter isn’t shoved in your face and so the designs work brilliantly on a couple of levels as T-shirt illustrations. We’re waiting for the hoody to get the Arty Farty treatment.

One to watch, Kam hales from Singapore and holds a coveted Student Award Yellow Pencil from D&AD.

Amelie Kam created Arty Farty Amelie Kam created Arty Farty Amelie Kam created Arty Farty