We’d like Camila Carmody’s wicked wit on the front of a hoody

Camila Carmody

If you can’t laugh at yourself then really you shouldn’t be wearing a hoody. The hoody is the ultimate piece of humble apparel. It has the same sort of knowing humour that has been captured by a project from Sydney graphic designer Camila Carmody.

Camila has created a series of typographic posters that gently rib her fellow designers. Inspired by the same old tired posters produced for sale, she has done the same thing but with ironically witty quotes that skewer the trendy visual.

Of course, we laughed along until we realised that we have a ‘designy ribbon thing!’ going on in our hoodwink logo…

Thanks to the awesome Design Taxi for pointing us in Camila’s direction.

Camila Carmody Camila Carmody Camila Carmody Camila Carmody