Can the Hoody be a green campaigner?

‘Feet like cars’ by Marina Willer The fact that it’s Climate Week (March 4-10) this week has got us wondering whether the hoody can be used as a campaign tool? After much debate we’ve come to the conclusion that it can if it has a little bit of British reserve and creativity.

We wouldn’t endorse putting preachy, gushingly sincere or pretentious ‘save the planet or the dolphins die’ slogans on the unassuming hoody. However, we would totally champion Do The Green Thing‘s approach.

The non-profit organisation has persuaded key designers to create posters to inspire people ‘to take simple green actions at home, school or work’. It’s a cracking campaign for well-known creatives to produce 23 posters that are unveiled everyday this month up until March 23. The project is in support of the WWF’s Earth Hour, which just so happens to be on the 23rd.

And the designers have excelled themselves so far with striking, clever, witty, funny and thought provoking posters, which would work wonderfully on the front of a campaign hoody.

'Enjoy Responsibly' by Dan Norris and Ray Shaughnessy 'Cut Your Shower' by Michael Bierut '50 Shades' by Angus Hyland