The hoody could be a religious experience

The Proverbs ProjectDespite worshipping the hoody, we’re not a very religious bunch here at Hoodywink – but praise be to South African designer Michael Masinga and The Proverbs Project.

Masinga has trod the fine line between true spiritual goodness and preachy religious gubbins to create these brilliant typographic posters that feature the word of the Lord.

Not only do they spell out great lessons in life from the Bible but each poster is strikingly realised with nostalgic typography. They’re like stylised early 1900s adverts excitedly exclaiming that ‘proverbs are good for you’!

He has already put the designs on T-shirts but we’d argue that the hoody is in more need of some uplifting spiritual guidance at this time. We confess, we’d be in heaven if a hoody design spread the good word in this fabulously understated way.

The Proverbs ProjectThe Proverbs Project The Proverbs Project The Proverbs Project The Proverbs Project The Proverbs ProjectThanks to Design Taxi and Abduzeedo for highlighting these heavenly gems.