A Museum of Letters – and preserve them on the hoody

The Buchstaben Museum Thanks to the indispensable Design Taxi crew we’ve found a place where the hoody should definitely hang out. Even better, it involves going to Berlin! The Buchstaben Museum (or Museum of Letters, Characters and Typefaces) is a place of alphabetic wonder that plays homage to the dying art of urban signage.

The Buchstaben Museum Established in 2005 by Barbara Dechant and Anja Schulze, the museum is a rescue home for letters and signs that are vanishing from public spaces. It’s a place where the corporate logo is banished and instead the magic of independent words, font and typography is lovingly restored, preserved and displayed for all to see.

We think the hoody has a strong affiliation with the museum’s ethos because the humble garment could be used to do the same thing. Except in the hoody’s case the lost letters, fonts and urban signs will be preserved in textile print and walked through the streets.

The museum is located in central Berlin and will delight many visitors, from kids to creatives and street artists to design devotee.

The Buchstaben Museum The Buchstaben Museum The Buchstaben Museum The Buchstaben Museum