1950s packaging is cool (except for the lung cancer)

1950s packagingMay be we’re starting to show our age or we’re pining for the good old days but the Hoodywink team has fallen in love with 1950s packaging.

There is something wholesome and dependable about the ornate typography, the faded block colours, the quaint tag-lines and outrageous advertising claims. They provide a real visual innocence and wonder that seems pretty cool in this cynical age of multi-channel brand marketing and customer demographics.

Deep down of course we know that it wasn’t better in those days – just out of a World War, butter was rarer than morals in modern banking and they were still using babies to sell cigarettes – but the packaging artwork would make our hearts skip if it adorned the front of a hoody.

1950s packaging

The place to be if you adore packaging nostalgia is the Museum of Brands in Lonsdale Road, Notting Hill, London. It’s an inspiring homage to the everyday packaging that plays a bigger role in our lives than we give it credit for.

1950s packaging 1950s packaging 1950s packaging 1950s packaging