If ever there was a day to wear a hoody

Snow way!Snow has fallen and frozen the UK’s ‘brass monkeys’ off. Yesterday rail companies reported major delays, flights at several airports were cancelled, more than 3,000 schools were closed, many major roads have been snow jammed, 3,500 households are without power and they have even had to cancel some football matches – yes, it’s that serious.

As you can see from the photographs, we just about managed to get into work.

Today, the snow is still a glittering blanket and here at Hoodywink we think it is the perfect conditions for the hoody. Whether you’re braving the cold with a sledge or hunkering down on the sofa for a day of hot chocolate and bad telly; praise be to the warm, cuddly and dependable hoody.

Snow way! Snow way! Snow way! Snow way!