Not as Cold War grey as you think

Neon MuzeumWe’ve always thought that a hoody made during the height of the Cold War behind the Iron Curtain would be a bit of a drab, grey and vodka soaked affair. The USSR’s Eastern Block wasn’t exactly known for its vibrant use of colour. Stalinist red was probably the best you could hope for – but a ray of neon shines a different light on what went on in Eastern Europe’s cold streets.

If we happen to be passing through Polland any time soon Hoodywink will definitely be dropping by the gaudy, bright light heaven that is the Neon Muzeum in Warsaw.

The neon signs of Cold War Poland are a loud, creative and brilliant light in the eye Communism. So much so that they have been lovingly preserved in the Neon Muzeum. None of the brightly burning typography would look out of place on a hoody and it would be a great source of design inspiration.

The venue can be found in Building 55 of the Warsaw’s Soho Factory complex and is proof that our Poland comrades knew how to party.

Neon Muzeum Neon Muzeum Neon Muzeum Neon Muzeum Neon Muzeum