What’s in store for the hoody in 2013?

2013To be perfectly frank we have absolutely no idea… But, hey, we’re not going to let that stop us predicting the new trends in hoody wear for the New Year. We’ll try to make it as pretentious as possible so it sits nicely with all the other fashion and design mumbo prophecy that is spouted come the start of another year.

The current economic austerity and political uncertainty will have a big influence on the popularity of the hoody in 2013 and indeed our choice of hoody.

People will want certainty. They will want something they can depend on and trust. The hoody obviously fills that brief perfectly. Like a good old friend it won’t collapse under a sub-prime mire of greed or fiddle its expenses. So we’re predicting a big rise in hoody buying during 2013 and on in to 2014. Plus, no one has any money to pay their heating bill or to go out, so we think they’ll turn to the hoody for warmth and companionship in front of the telly.

Shelve it...

Austerity at its best!

In austere times people also look to be a little more understated. They want value for money, good quality but nothing showy, tasteless and ostentatious. We think hoody typography and design will move away from ‘in-your-face’ branding – typically used by Jack Wills and Superdry – to subtler messages. Designs will be simple with a limited colour pallet and will have a more nostalgic theme for the simple goodtime pleasures.

empty supermarket

Austerity – got to love it or go home and put on a hoody

In short 2013 will be the year of the hoody but without the equivalent of a personal number plate plastered to the front.

Happy New Year one and all!