Traditional print perfection at the Hot Bed Press

Adam Cole - 20:20 Print Exchange

ADAM COLE – Screenprint – West Yorkshire Print Workshop (2012)


In our adventures to find wonderful design stuff that could make a hoody very happy we stumbled across a magical place of inky brilliance called the Hot Bed Press.

It’s a not-for-profit, open access print workshop based in Salford that anyone with an interest in printmaking and promoting printmaking can use. It provides specialist printmaking equipment, expertise in printmaking, related media and courses.

If you’re not close enough to visit or to take one of its highly recommended courses then you can drool over a selection of prints taken from its 20:20 print exchange. More than 30 studio groups in the UK and Ireland and over 392 awesome prints are all there for you to discover on the Hot Bed Press Flickr page.

Check it out and put inspirational steam into your stride…

Sean Rorke 20:20 Print Exchange

SEAN RORKE – Screenprint. Hot Bed Press (2012)

Pamela Dunne 20:20 Print Exchange

PAMELA DUNNE – Screenprint. Limerick Printmakers (2012)

Katie Brown 20:20 Print Exchange

KATIE BROWN – Screenprint. Seacourt Print Workshop (2012)

KATHERINE ANTENEY letterpress linocut Red Hot Press 2012

KATHERINE ANTENEY letterpress linocut Red Hot Press 2012