The illusive Christmas hoody

Christmas Hoody

While clothing retailers are bursting at the seams with a huge choice of ironically cool Christmas jumpers, there are slim pickings on the Christmas hoody front.

You might be in luck if you’re happy to settle for a bright red hoody with a crude message about Santa’s sack splashed across the front. But if you’re looking for a nerd-based fashion gem with a gentle nod to the festive season and a respectable bow to retro design, you’ll have little luck.

We’re not quite sure why but the Christmas themed hoody has never quite caught on, which is a shame because the hoody is the ultimate winter garment.

So, just for you we’ve been to the North Pole and back in a search to find a couple of half decent Christmas hoodies. Happily we’ve found two that Santa’s elves wouldn’t feel completely embarrassed to be seen delivering down your chimney.

Truffle Shuffle’s Coca Cola tribute and a hot selling deer print hoody that seems to be all over ebay – we said it was slim pickings!

Christmas hoody