One word: Superdry


Superdry logoEarlier this year Superdry got a mauling from the fashion elite and the stock market. After its meteoric rise on the backs of David Beckham, Kate Winslet and other famous dudes, the young fashion chain was said to have lost its mojo.

It got too big, too quickly.

Its clothes had become ‘mundane’.

It had become a uniform for the ‘want-to-be cool’ masses.

It had failed to move on from its logo-heavy formula established at its 2004 inception and fickle fashion critics were looking for new darlings, which – to be fair – is what fashionistas are supposed to do.  Julia Kollewe, writing for The Observer, summed it all up quite nicely back in April.

However, we would argue that when it comes to the hoody none of the above actually matters. You see the usual laws of fashion and trend don’t strictly apply to the hoody. It’s a different kind of beast. It’s out there on its own.

The hoody is not about the catwalk, or what to be seen in and where, or over popularity. The hoody is about being comfortable. It’s about walking the dog; curling up in front of daytime TV; sweating it out on the way home from the gym; reading a book; Wednesday quiz night; watching Saturday afternoon sport; baking; coffee and cake with friends. It’s an old friend or a slightly embarrassing aunt that just keeps getting better with age.

So, to us a Superdry hoody – with its vintage Americana look and strange Japanese script – is still a thing of beautiful (if slightly over priced). And if it’s your thing, then wear with pride.

Superdry hoodySuperdry hoodySuperdry hoody