Hoody design should be child’s play

Two or three carefully chosen colours at most with bold illustrations that require just one visual take; the best hoody designs are simple. This is why we love the 1950s children’s books produced by Isotype and recently highlighted in an article by Eye Magazine.

The Max Parrish Colour Books were designed by Marie Neurath and her team of Isotype designers and artists. Within strict production limits and intricately researched technical detail they created wonderful, vibrant and engaging artwork for children. The books had such an enduring appeal they were used in schools well into the 1970s.

With titles like ‘The Wonder World of Long Ago’ and ‘Exploring Under the Sea’, designers of the hoody could learn a thing or two about evocative copy and brilliant artwork.

You can read a lot more about Marie Neurath and Isotype’s creative process over at Eye Magazine and see more of the book covers.