Guilty preppy pleasure

Jack Wills Hoodies

Jack Wills

Not easy to say…

It’s not easy to admit this. We feel a little flush of hot guilt run to our cheeks when we’re brave enough to say it out loud. Here goes…

“We may be, nearly, possibly, probably – not really, but really – quite like a Jack Wills hoody.”

There! We’ve said it! We’re not proud of it but we’ve said it. Now we have to go away and live with the horrible truth…

It’s just that Mr Wills does put together a rather nice hoody.

Now, let’s not get carried away. We’re not the sorts of people to go about tucking our polo shirts into our chinos. We don’t put our collars up and tie a jersey over our shoulders. To be quite honest that sort of look fills our heads with violent thoughts.

Neither are we perfectly skinny, blemish free, strong jawed, serious but beautiful looking people. Mr Wills’ marketing, advertising and photography is awash with such preppy perfect teenagers and it’s all just a little too Stepford Grammar School.

However, there is something simple, honest and unfussy about Jack’s vintage hoodies. They’re horribly expensive but the quality is obvious when you pick one up. They have a durable cotton blend, lined pockets and detailed stitching. The designs are also simple and understated with real confidence in just naming the brand without going over the top. Plus, it’s a Salcombe-based label, wonderfully British and was named after the managing director’s grandfather.

Jack Wills hoody

Jack Wills

Jack Wills hoody

There is a lot to like.

But then Harry from One Direction wears a Jack Wills hoody… There are those violent thoughts again.