Third time lucky with Boden

Boden hoody details

We were sent an email from Boden this week with the title ‘Hunker Down In Our Hoodies’, so we obviously had to immediately open it to have a butchers.

We didn’t like what greeted us at the top of the email. I nearly spat tea all over my keyboard.

There was a picture of three garments that were obviously not hoodies at all. Since when did a hoody have buttons? I can tell you – since never! These were obviously button-up v-neck 100% woolly jumpers with a hood. Perfectly acceptable in a different email but not in one with the subject title ‘hug a hoody’!

To add insult to injury, Boden then asked a totally stupid question: ‘to zip or not to zip’? Well, the answer to that is ‘not to zip’! As we have argued before, if you put a zip on a hoody it then becomes a cardigan with a hood. Indeed, it then goes on to prove the point by showing us a picture of three cardigans with hoods.

By now we’re thinking where are the hoodies!

Luckily, Boden squeeze three on the end of the email and, to its credit, they’re an understated delight. Classic blue and grey colours with a couple of horizontal stripe designs. They’ve used soft cotton with nice stitching detail and coloured finishing on the inside of the collar.

Boden hoodies

How a hoody should be… well done Boden

Boden hoodies aren’t cheap but they’re good quality and there is 25% off and free delivery at the moment, which might soften the blow.