Pencil To Pixel inspiration for the hoody

Pencil to PixelThe hoody obviously owes a lot to the world of typography because most designers will put something in writing when printing and embroidering on our old friend. A maker of a cool hoody will have thought long and hard about the typeface they employ. Actually, to be fair, as long as it’s not Comic Sans you’re in pretty safe territory.

However, if you do want inspiration then you can do worse than turn up at the Pencil To Pixel exhibition by Monotype. It will run from November 19to 23 at the Metropolitan Wharf, London (10am to 7.30pm). The exhibition features a big archive of original artwork, type drawings, antiquity and publications that fuelled the past, present and future of this unique typographic institution.

Pencil to Pixel

The history surrounding the Monotype foundry dates back to the Lanston Monotype Machine Company, which pioneered mechanical typesetting in the 1880s. From typefaces such as the iconic Times New Roman family – designed originally for The Times newspaper in the 1930s – to corporate identities, Monotype fonts have helped to create household brands.

Pencil to PixelThe exhibition seems well worth a gander and admission is free, plus you can book a ‘guided tour’ – result!