The selfie T-shirt

Despite the infinitely more important things that happened during 2014, the year will be forever known for the selfie. Love it, or hate it, there is a certain art to taking a good… Continue reading

Swinging longboards give us some hoody inspiration

By Stuart Hughes Surfing and hoodies go together like strawberries and cream, Ant and Dec, gin and tonic, apple and crumble, and rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong. It’s the reason… Continue reading

Hand-carved block printing at its most sublime

By Stuart Hughes. There is something wholesome, honest and beautifully primitive about hand-carved block printing. It has an imperfect, homemade feel that gives it real credibility, artistry and originality. And the process produces… Continue reading

Geo Law puts the ‘oo’ in doodle – and could do the same for the hoody

By Stuart Hughes. We’re a little obsessed with doodling. It’s fun, free, good for stress relief and, apparently, it means you have an active mind. Geo Law’s mind must be working overtime… Just… Continue reading

Get off the beaten track with Lapsley

By Ruth Greenall. Hoodywink is close enough to the musical hothouse that is Liverpool, to hear the base and the fireworks at open air events – and chuck sticks in if it gets… Continue reading

Discover Brazil in a book

By Ruth Greenall. If you are determined to fully embrace World Cup fever and all things Brazil for the next few weeks  Sounds and Colours have released its guide ‘Sounds And Colours: Brazil’ to help… Continue reading

An A-level in Caitlin Moran – hell yeah!

By Ruth Greenall. The OCR (Oxford Cambridge & RSA) exam board have recently introduced a shiny new A-level course which includes the study of texts from popular culture alongside traditional writers. This places… Continue reading

The hoody’s number is up

Numbers. You’ve got to love them. Even if you’re not a mind-bending mathematician with a blackboard covered in insane scribbles; numbers have hidden meanings, superstitions and an aesthetic beauty. There is nothing like… Continue reading

A hyperbole hoody and a half

By Ruth Greenall. If you ever find yourself hiding from life, wondering what it’s all about and trying to make sense of a world that you don’t understand, you may find comfort in… Continue reading